HFSS Within Wholesale

Wholesale is largely unaffected by HFSS regulations.

From a location and a multibuy point of view you are free to continue to trade as you always have done.

The only watch out is if you are doing any direct to consumer wholesaling, you may need to follow some of the advertising restrictions which come into effect Jan 2024.

The biggest job for wholesalers within HFSS is educating retailers


How can I support retailers?

The key to supporting retailers is providing them with knowledge. Such as…
  • What the regulations are
  • If they are affected by them
  • What products and brands are compliant and non-compliant​

Retailers that need to comply with HFSS regulations can continue to display HFSS compliant (Non-HFSS) products in all locations in store.

Did you know that the family favourite Coco Pops brand is HFSS compliant (Non-HFSS)? Refer to our full list of Kellogg’s products on our ‘What is HFSS?’ page to see which Kellogg’s products are Non-HFSS. ​

Retailers that do not need to comply can continue to display new product innovation and support best-selling brands across all locations in store. ​

Can I still display HFSS products?​

With the wholesale channel being largely unaffected, you can continue to display all brands in all locations.

I sell direct to consumers, how does this affect me?

If you sell direct to any consumers you may fall under the regulations. This could mean that you have to follow the same regulations as a retailer would from a depot and an online point of view.

We would recommend consulting with industry trade bodies or seeking appropriate legal advice if any of your business has a direct to consumer operations.