You are a Cash & Carry shop providing online ordering and delivery to customers

How to Maximise Online Cash & Carry Sales

- Imagery, Product descriptions and clarity of value are cited as the main things the customer focus on when shopping online, therefore should always be prioritised.

- Ensuring that mobile optimised imagery is correct. This is the most impactful way to quickly grab the attention of scrolling online shoppers. You can do this by making sure the picture is formatted for the correct online environment, enabling the customer to enlarge the picture and highlight features.

- Product reminders and product suggestions are proven as the most impactful way for customers to add products to their baskets – consider adding these to the checkout walk for maximum appeal.

- Banner ads are a great way to disrupt the shopper journey and grab the customers attention. However for Banner ads to be successful they need to be eye catching against product grids and be relevant and helpful to the shopper.

- Product descriptions need to be accurate and clear at all times. They are crucial for the search algorithms and providing extra information for the shopper. The easier a product is to identify, the more likely it is to end up in the customers basket.

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