Breakfast feature cereal
(Source: Kellogg's Project Landmark: Eating Occasions Rolling 4 Qtrs. To Q1’20. Intellectual Property Of Kelloggs)
Uk Population buy cereal
(Source: Kantar WPO, Total Market 52 we 4th Oct)
(Source: Kellogg's Project Landmark: Eating Occasions, Rolling 4 Qtrs. To Q1’20)
Cereal is bought on average
(Source: Kantar WPO, Total Market 52 we 4th Oct)
The Plaing Cereal segment
(Source: IRI PlusSuite total market 52 we, 3rd Oct)

How to maximise your Cereal sales

- Help improve your customer’s shopping experience by making it easy to find what they’re looking for.

- Stock the recommended best sellers and use NPD to drive incremental sales.

- Group similar product segments together (chocolate/flavoured, plain, health, muesli & granola, porridge and on the go).

- Make sure your boxed cereal products are located near to items like tea, sugar, bread, tinned items etc.

- Merchandise On the Go cereal and porridge together.

- Use the recommended point of sale to maximise visibility and grow category sales.

Cash & Carry Must Stocks


* Please note that product level information is only available for Kellogg’s and Pringles SKU’s.

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